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Stadium Sports Card has been a long standing member of the card community since 1989. We are passionate hobbyists turned business owners.

We carry a great inventory of the most valuable hockey, baseball and vintage cards available to buy online at affordable rates!

Fun First

One of Ontario's Oldest Sports Card Leaders, we've built a fun and friendly community of sports lovers and card collectors like no other.

Our goal is to make sure that you have a fun experience collecting. Join us in one of our group breaks or trade nights and experience the fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you carry?

Stadium Sports Card carries a very extensive inventory of vintage to new sports card and collecting supplies.

We are one of the original Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealers in Canada and carry Upper Deck Hockey products’ full lineup.  We also carry new sports card offerings from Leaf, Panini, and Topps, including Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Nascar, Wrestling and football (including CFL) and miscellaneous sports card offerings.

Our inventory of vintage to new singles is very extensive – I am certain we can assist you in filling your want lists (especially in 70’s and 80’s OPC hockey)!!!

We also carry a limited selection of non-sport boxes and gaming cards (Primarily Pokémon) for the gaming community.

We feature both Ultra Pro and BCW storage supplies.

Do you fill the want list?

Absolutely – we have nearly 1,000,000 cards in the store at any given time.

Do you buy sports card?

Yes – we pride ourselves on our amazing inventory, and we are always looking to expand on that inventory.  We especially want your vintage sports card (1800’s to 1975) in all sports.  We also have a huge demand for current player Young Guns and Future Watch autographs.

Contact the store if you have a collection for sale!

Can we pre-order upcoming products?

Yes – We welcome pre-ordering products (deposit required).

The best pricing is offered when we are pre-ordering the product from the distributors.  This is generally three months prior to release.  A deposit is required, but this ensures you have the best pricing on upcoming products.

What is a group break?

A group break is where a group of people contribute to the purchase of a product – for example, a $150 box of hockey cards would be dived equally among people involved in the break.  This drastically reduces the individual’s cost.

They are very commonplace now on the internet.Group breaks can be teams (you get all the cards for that team), players (you get all the cards of that player, divisions (you get all the cards from that division), or any other means of dividing the cards amongst the participants.  The method used is always posted before the purchasing of spots.

Because no one can tell you what cards are in a box, and because the teams/players/divisions are often randomized, the chance of someone doing better than others always exists.

Stadium Sports Card is one of the very few Authorized Upper Deck Group Breakers, so you are assured that our breaks are conducted properly. If any issues arise in the product itself, Upper Deck will stand behind their product and our store as their Authorized Group Breaker.

In addition, we want the customer to have fun.  We have additional draws each month that include all the participants (our way of saying thank you) and a “shut outdraw” that is just for participants who may have been shut out in a break.  Fun is imperative here at The Stadium!

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